Amsterdam Dance Event (photo Johan Vivie)

News of: Wednesday, October 07 2015,

Extra opening hours drugs checking service Amsterdam Dance Event

The addiction clinic Jellinek has announced it will have extra opening hours of its drugs testing service during the Amsterdam Dance Event (October 14-18).

The Amsterdam Dance Event has more than 2,000 artists performing at 350 events over days. It's the world's biggest club festival for electronic music.
With all the dance events comes a lot of drugs usage. There are estimates, for example, that 75% of the party visitors use XTC. Marihuana, speed and cocaine are other popular drugs.

Whereas marihuana can safely be bought in coffeeshops, the other drugs must be purchased on the black market. Obviously, this comes with health risks: on the black market you never know what you buy.

Several incidents have prompted the Jellinek clinic to make a specail drugs info page.

Last year, at the ADE of 2014, 3 people died after having used XTC.

Earlier this year there was a drug scare about white heroin being sold as cocaine, which cost 3 visiting tourists their life. The white heroin was sold on the street.

Last month, there was a national warning by the Trimbos Instituut about an XTC pill carrying the ADE logo, which reportedly had a much higher, life threatening, dosage of MDMA, the effective ingredient of XTC.

The Jellinek clinic has therefore set up a special web page with information about drugs (legal, chemical and medical). It warns against buying drugs in the street (you don't know what you buy).
Also, it explains that, as a simple drug user, you need not be afraid of the Dutch authorities or medical staff in hospital. If you have a medical problem after having used drugs, just seek help. You will not be arrested or fined. Also, there is general advice to help others, if you see they are in need of assistance after having used drugs.

The information campaign website is in English and contains a link to an online movie that explains everything very shortly.

At the drugs testing service you can have the drugs that you bought tested, to see what they contain. Some of that is free, some testing comes with a fee. The testing service is located at Keizersgracht 572, near Leidseplein.

The information page can be found here.

Amsterdam Dance Event (photo Johan Vivie)

Amsterdam Dance Event (photo Johan Vivie)

Amsterdam Dance Event (photo Willeke Machiels)

Amsterdam Dance Event (photo Willeke Machiels)