News of: Monday, October 05 2015,

AirBnB booking in Amsterdam turns into holiday from hell

The British newspaper Daily Mail reports that an apartment booking through AirBnb went very wrong. The apartment did not exist, and the replacement apartment had used linnen.

The Daily Mail reports about Lauren Dudley, 20, and Danielle Whiteman, 20, who had decided to take their friend Amy Ridgeway to Amsterdam for her 21st birthday and booked an apartment for the three of them via rental website AirBnb.

After having paid GBP 702 rent and deposit, a few days before they left for Amsterdam, they contacted the owner to ask the address of the apartment.
Unfortunately, the owner no longer replied.
After having contacted AirBnb, they found out the apartment ad on the Airbnb website was false - the apartment did not really exist.

They received a credit note from Airbnb for the amount paid, and started to search for a new apartment, which they eventually found.
This apartment did exist, but it was noisy and the bed linnen had not been changed prior to their arrival. And they had to share facilities with a group of young men, which they didn't know about at the time of booking.

And even after they arrived home, their problems were not yet over. Somebody had hacked Miss Dudley's Airbnb and email account, and started using her profile to advertise fake listings on the accommodation site.

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