Prinsengracht Concert

News of: Saturday, August 22 2015,

Tonight 34th Prinsengracht Concert

With the busy SAIL 2015 going on, you'd almost forget it: tonight is the 34th Prinsengracht Concert.

The Prinsengracht Concert is an annual open-air concert, that is held as part of the Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival). The concert is held on floating pontoons that are placed in the Prinsengracht canal, in front of the Pulitzer Hotel.

The French pianist Alexandre Tharaud will perform this time. He will play a program with a mixture of classical music, flamenco, and the French chanson.

The concert is free, no tickets are necessary. It starts at 8pm, at the corner of Prinsengracht and Westermarkt (near the Westerkerk).

On this page is a map.

Normally it gets very busy (perhaps a bit less so this time, because of SAIL), so if you like to see something, come early.

Prinsengracht Concert

Prinsengracht Concert