News of: Thursday, July 02 2009,

Taxi stand at Amsterdam Central Station for electrical taxis and tuk-tuks

A special taxi stand has been opened for electrical taxi services, in front of the Victoria Hotel at the Central Station in Amsterdam.

Three companies (the electrical Tuk-Tuk, Clean Cab, and the electrical MotorCab) can load their batteries here at the loading point, and offer their services to clients.

The electrical vehicles are not allowed to make use of the tram lanes (like ordinary taxis), so they have a disadvantage in certain parts of Amsterdam.
Also, they are not allowed on roads where with a maximum speed of 70 km per hour, which means that rides outside Amsterdam, such as to the airport, can not be offered.
They are however suitable for short rides in the center of Amsterdam.

At the moment there are only 3 electrical tuk-tuks and 2 electrical Clean Cabs, but the City hopes that the initiative will grow.