News of: Tuesday, June 30 2009,

Free entrance to Michael Jackson tribute in Paradiso, Amsterdam

The theatre Paradiso organizes a special memorial evening for Michael Jackson, on Thursday July 2.

The entrance will be free. The evening starts 8pm, and entrance is from 7pm.
The evening is set up by the Dutch Michael Jackson fan club. As there will probably not enough space for everyone, they try to arrange a large outdoor screen, so that everybody outside can follow the event inside. The maximum capacity of Paradiso is 1,500 people.

Several Dutch artists will perform (a.o. Boris, Do, Waylon, ANNY, Valerius and Leona).

The death of Michael Jackson also caused a shock amongst fans in the Netherlands, like everywhere worldwide.
Several of his songs have appeared on the hit parades, and cd shops can't cope with demand. Online shops sell huge amounts of his albums.

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