News of: Monday, July 06 2009,

Amsterdam taxi driver kills passenger on Leidseplein

Sunday morning, a taxi passenger died after being severely beaten by a taxi driver.

The incident happened at the taxi stand at the famous square Leidseplein.

The exact course of events is still unknown, but it was said that the passenger was agressive.

Taxi drivers at Leidseplein have a terrible reputation. There are frequent reports of over-charging customers, refusing short rides, rudeness to customers, fights amongst taxi drivers and rude behavior against women.
The situation appears to be worst during the night.

Leidseplein square is lined with theatres, clubs & pubs, and restaurants, so there are many clients to be transported.
Since the liberalization of the taxi market in 2000, the situation in the taxi market in Amsterdam has rapidly deteriorated.

Amsterdam has taken measures at the Central Station taxi stand to improve the quality, but other taxi stands in Amsterdam are still problematic.

There were many shocked reactions throughout Amsterdam. The Mayor (Mr Job Cohen) asked the government for more powers to regulate the taxi market. The government has responded that cities will get more possibilities.
Apparently, one of the measures can be that taxi drivers must be a member of a taxi group. One person taxi companies can not be punished, whereas a taxi group can cancel the membership of a driver who misbehaves.