P+R Car parks in Amsterdam

P+R Car parks in Amsterdam

P+R (Park and Ride) car parks are cheap car parks on the outskirts of Amsterdam, that are well connected by public transport to the city centre.

Please read the rules that apply to make use of the cheap rate!

The most important details:

- E 1,- per 24 hours if you start parking after 10am (on working days), or in the weekend.
- E 8,- for first 24 hours if you enter before 10am on a working day, after that E 1,- per 24 hours.
- Maximum parking time of 96 hours (4 days)
- After 96 hours you pay the normal parking rate
- Public transport tickets for 5 persons are NOT included in the price
- To make use of the cheap P+R rates you MUST travel to Amsterdam centre by public transport (so not by bike, taxi or walking).
You can prove this by making sure that your last check-in with your public transport OV-chipcard was in the Amsterdam centre area. (If you can not prove your centre visit, the normal rates of E 1.50 to E 3.50 per hour will apply).

You can use your own OV-chipcard, or buy on the P+R parking lot.
Prices of P+R GVB cards:

1 person: E 5,-
2 persons: E 5,-
3 persons: E 5.90
4 persons: E 6.80
5 persons: E 7.70
Please note: after entering the P+R facility, you have one hour to purchase your P+R GVB cards. Each P+R GVB card is then valid for one hour of travel into the city centre and one hour of travel back to your P+R location (including transfers if required).

The P+R GVB are only valid for travelling to and from the P+R facility. Not for travelling within the center area, or for travelling by train, or on lines operated by other companies than GVB (Arriva or Connexxion for example). All metros and trams, and basically all bus lines you'll see in the city centre are GVB operated.

P+R parking has become very popular, so there is a possibility the parking place of your choice is full. All P+R parking lots indicate their availability on electronic signs along the roads around Amsterdam.

P+R Car parks in Amsterdam