Signpost @ Central Station, winter 2014

News of: Saturday, February 28 2015,

'Killer cocaine' back in Amsterdam - Danish tourists unwell

White heroin is back in Amsterdam. In the past few days 3 Danish tourists have been taken to hospital after using the dangerous drug.

In the last months of 2014, three British tourists died after using white heroin, thinking they were using cocaine. 17 Persons became seriously unwell.
After these deaths, the City of Amsterdam launched an extensive information campaign, mainly targeting visiting tourists. The campaign included electronic signs throughout the city, flyers, posters, a website by the Amsterdam Health department and a cheap test-kit to test for heroin.

This information campaign is now being launched again. Ten electronic signs will be placed in the centre of town, warning against the drug, and warnings will be spread with flyer teams, posters and through social media.

The Health department has extra information on the website

The 3 Danish tourists have been taken to hospital, and have already been released after treatment.

Amsterdam says that prevention of health risks goes before arresting the person selling the drug, and also before a potential negative effect on Amsterdam's reputation.

The police have issued a Eur 15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person selling the white heroin.

Signpost @ Central Station, winter 2014

Signpost @ Central Station, winter 2014