News of: Thursday, July 08 2010,

If they win: here is the route of the Victory Parade through Amsterdam

Amsterdam is very busy preparing the Victory Parade of the Dutch soccer team in Amsterdam.

If the Dutch soccer team wins the World Soccer Cup on Sunday (from Spain), Amsterdam will host the Victory Parade of the Dutch soccer team, on Tuesday July 13.
This will consist of a boat tour through Amsterdam, and be concluded with a festive ceremony at Museumplein square.
(If they don't win, there will only be the ceremony at Museumplein).

The city is preparing for a million visitors, and is hoping to prevent the chaos that ensued after the European Championship victory, in 1988. Back then, a houseboat sank, and several houseboats were severely damaged, as the crowds stepped on the roofs of the houseboats to get as close as possible to the Dutch soccer players.

The route that has been scheduled for Tuesday runs as indicated on this map.

The time of the boat tour is not yet exactly known, but it will be in the afternoon (we will publish it here once it becomes known).

Apparently, along the route are 'only' 9 houseboats. It is expected the police will take measures to protect them against the crowds.

On Tuesday morning the Dutch soccer team will be received by Queen Beatrix, probably at her residential palace in The Hague.

Public transport in Amsterdam can have changed routes, and will be free to use, the entire day.