News of: Saturday, July 10 2010,

Mega screen again at Amsterdam Museumplein for World Cup final

The Museumplein square will again be the central point of attention in the Netherlands, during and after the World Cup final match between the Netherlands and Spain.

It is expected that up to a 100,000 people will (try to) gather at Museumplein on Sunday. The match starts at 8.30pm.

The previous match, between Holland and Uruguay, was watched by about 12.5 million people in the Netherlands, on a total population of 16 million. This is an all time record - never before have so many people watched a tv programme. (By the way: the country's top 10 of most-watched tv programmes are all soccer matches with the Dutch national team).

For Sunday, there may be rain showers in the afternoon and evening.

Almost a hundred tv crews from all over the world will also be present on Museumplein, to register the event.

The city is working like crazy to prepare for Tuesday, when the Dutch team will get its victory parade in Amsterdam (if they win). They expect between 1 and 2 million people, so the centre of Amsterdam will in all likelihood be a chaos.
The trains in the Netherlands run a special service with 50% extra trains to Amsterdam. There will be no city public transport in the centre of Amsterdam. The remaining public transport in Amsterdam will be for free.