News of: Wednesday, July 07 2010,

Amsterdam houseboat owners dread victory parade of Dutch soccer team

Although almost everyone in the country is looking forward to the possible (first) world championship title of the Dutch soccer team on Sunday, most Amsterdam houseboat owners at least have mixed feelings.

If the Dutch soccer team wins on Sunday, it will get a victory parade in Amsterdam, the capital of the country.

This reminds everyone of the victory parade that was held in honour of the Dutch soccer team that won the European soccer championship, back in 1988.

The soccer team got a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam, and were cheered at by the crowds that had gathered along the canals. On places where houseboats were moored, people climbed the houseboats, which caused a lot of damage, and several boats even sank.

At the time, the pictures of the tour went around the world.

It is not exactly know when the victory parade will be held, but it looks like this will be on Tuesday, July 13. It is also not yet known whether there will be a boat tour, like in 1988, although the mayor has hinted he would not be against it.

The Amsterdam police have said they are already investigating what has to be done in preparation of the tour.

If Holland does not win the World Cup, there will also be a reception event in Amsterdam.

Footage of the 1988 victory parade through the canals of Amsterdam .