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News of: Sunday, June 21 2009,

Paper tickets no longer for sale in tram and buses in Amsterdam

Starting Monday June 22, on trams and buses in Amsterdam you can only buy (disposable) OV-chipcards.

There will be 3 different kinds for sale:
- one that is valid for one hour
- one that is valid for two times one hour
- one that is valid for 24 hours.

The cards are valid on all buses, trams and metros within Amsterdam. Please note: this means you can not use these cards on:
- regional buses (they are not operated by the GVB)
- the railways (also not to/from Schiphol Airport).

The 24 hours card is also valid on the night buses, the others are not.

The OV-chip card is an electronic card, it looks like a bank card. To activate it, you hold it in front of the check-in machines that you will see everywhere in all trams, buses and metros, and on platforms (see picture below).

If you change to another bus/tram/metro, you have to check out from the bus/tram/metro you leave (also by simply holding it in front of one of the OV-chipcard machines, and check in again in the next bus/tram/metro.
If you forget to check out, the card will lose its validity!

It is cheaper to buy an old-fashioned (paper) 'strippenkaart' in advance. GVB has, however, not published the rates of the new OV-chipcards. The local tv station AT5 showed that 1 hour cards are EUR 2.60, and a 2 hour card is EUR 5.-. The price of a 24 hour ticket is unknown to us.
You can buy a strippenkaart at the GVB ticket office in front of the Central Station.

More info on the (current) strippenkaart system.
More info on the new OV-chipkaart.

OV chip card

OV chip card