News of: Wednesday, June 30 2010,

First part of Amsterdam's new metro tunnel ready

The first part of the new metro line in Amsterdam, the North/South line has been drilled.

The first part of the tunnel connects Central Station with the new metro station Rokin, near Dam Square.

And what many feared, has not happened: all the buildings along Damrak, the road leading toward the Central Station are still standing, without damage.
Problems were feared because of the foundation problems near Vijzelgracht, a bit further south. A few 18th century houses were severely damaged by the underground construction work for the new metro station there. They had to be supported, and the inhabitants had to be vacated.

The first part of the tunnel is 720 meters long, and has been dug at a pace of 8 meters a day, as planned.

According to the planning, the whole North/South line should be ready in 2017.

Map of the North/South metro line.