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News of: Tuesday, June 22 2010,

CNN: marihuana entrepreneur moves from Amsterdam to.... the US

CNN reports that Adam Dunn, who set up three marihuana related companies in Amsterdam, is moving back to the US.

In the article it is described how growing marihuana is illegal in the Netherlands. While possession of small amounts of pot by marihuana users is tolerated, and so is selling pot in coffeeshops, everything that happens backstage (such as growing marihuana) is still regarded as criminal activity.
Efforts to hunt down marihuana growers are still being stepped up, and recently, the government has tried to limit the number of coffeeshops. A large coffeeshop near the Belgian border has been shut down, while being tolerated and allowed to grow for many years.

While rules appear to become stricter in Holland, things in the US seem to be moving the other way. 'Medical marihuana' is already legal in 14 states, and California is going to vote on a proposition to legalize cannabis.

The article describes how the rules for growing cannabis have become more relaxed in the US than in the Netherlands.

Here is the full article.

Cannabis starter kit

Cannabis starter kit