News of: Thursday, July 01 2010,

Amsterdam allows mega screens for soccer match Holland-Brazil (weather warning)

The city of Amsterdam has allowed the installation of large outdoor tv screens, now that Holland has reached the quarter finals of the World Championship.

There will be 2 mega screens: one on Museumplein, and one in the Westerpark.

Museumplein is the square between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.
The Westerpark (Westergasfabriek) will be the second location. This park is located just West of the city center.

Thousands of spectators are expected.

The match between the Netherlands and Brazil will start Friday afternoon at 4pm.

WARNING: Because of the hot weather that is expected on Friday, the city has arranged that there will be free drinking water. It is nevertheless recommended that you bring some water yourself. Authorities also warn to be careful with alcohol, as it dehydrates your body.

Dress code: orange.