News of: Friday, March 20 2009,

Dutch nation-wide public transport trip planner now also available in English

The nation-wide trip planner for public transport in the Netherlands is now available in English too.

The English page is still officially a test (beta), but you can already use it.

The site (main page is covers ALL public transport in the Netherlands: train, metro, bus, tram and ferry.
The site incorporates all timetables of all public transport providers throughout the Netherlands.

The site works as a door-to-door planner. You can enter the address from which you start, and the address where you want to travel to, and the website will give you all available options, plus travel time.

Instead of a street address, you can also choose a variety of other starting points and destinations.
For example, you could go from a 'Museum', e.g. 'Van Gogh', and travel to a 'Beach' (e.g. 'Zandvoort').
The website will let you know which tram and train to take, and that the total travel time is 58 minutes. That is including the 7 minutes' walk from Zandvoort train station to the beach.

There is also a pay phone number (0900-9292, 0,70 p/m / max. 7), but this only works within the Netherlands.