News of: Sunday, October 04 2009,

Asteroid named after Miep Gies (who saved Anne Frank's diary)

An asteroid that moves between Mars and Jupiter, will be named after Miep Gies.

Miep Gies, who is a 100 years old now, saved Anne Frank's notes after the second world war, thus making the publication of the world-famous diary possible.
During the time Anne Frank and her family were in hiding in the house at Prinsengracht 263 (now the Anne Frank House), Mrs Gies delivered food and news to the hiding place, together with others. After Anne Frank and her family were found, and transported to German concentration camps, Miep Gies made sure that Anne Frank's notes were kept out of the hands of the Germans.

Later she gave the notes to Otto Frank, Anne's father, who survived the war. He published Anne Frank's diary in 1947.

Miep Gies recently celebrated her 100th birthday, and does not appear in public any more. She has her own web site on

The asteroid that is now called Miepgies was discovered in 1972. It has a diameter of 7 kilometers.