News of: Friday, July 02 2010,

Dutch defeat Brazil with 2 to 1 - big party in Amsterdam

The Netherlands won a 2-1 victory against Brazil, in the world soccer championship.

Nobody really expected Holland to win from 5-fold world champion Brazil, so the entire country is in a party mood.

Despite the very hot weather, the beaches were quiet, and the evening rush hour was two hours earlier than normal.

In Amsterdam, the match could be seen on two large outdoor tv screens, at Museumplein and in the Westerpark.
On Museumplein, there were about 10,000 spectators, causing the organizers to call upon everyone not to come to the square any more as it was completely full.

In the centre of Amsterdam there will be a big party going on in the streets.

The quarter final will be on July 6, 8.30pm, agains either Uruguay or Ghana.