Gay pride 2007

News of: Tuesday, March 29 2011,

Record number of applications for Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade

The number of applications to participate with a boat in the Canal Pride tour of August 2011 has risen to 220.

A maximum of 80 boats can participate, so the organization has decided to decide with a lottery. Organizations with a 'gay background' have twice as much chance.

The Gay Pride tour through the canals in Amsterdam draws half a million visitors every year.
The canal parade is part of the Amsterdam Gay Pride week. The parad is always on the first Saturday in August (this year on August 6).

The number of organizations wanting to take part in the parade increases every year. This year, the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands has announced to take part with its own boat.

The canal parade starts at 2pm on Saturday, and it takes about 3 to 4 hours for the parade to reach the end.
Here is a map with the route of the Amsterdam Gay Pride tour.

Gay pride 2007

Gay pride 2007