News of: Friday, April 01 2011,

Amsterdam celebrates 10 year anniversary of world's first gay marriage

Today it is exactly 10 years ago that in Amsterdam the first same sex marriages were concluded.

On April 1, 2001, exactly at midnight, the then mayor Job Cohen married several same sex couples in the city's town hall.
The Netherlands was the first country to open up the general marriage laws for same sex couples. Until then, it had only been possible, for some years, to conclude a marriage with special provisions, under a special law for same sex marriages.

Since 2001, about 13,000 gay/lesbian couples have married in the Netherlands.

Today, Amsterdam celebrates the ten year anniversary with a special wedding ceremony, at which the current mayor (Eberhard van der Laan) will conclude the marriages of several gay couples.

In addition, a photo exhibition about 10 years gay marriage will open in the City Hall (open during office hours).