News of: Tuesday, February 15 2011,

Building company that renovates Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum goes bankrupt

Another setback for the renovation of Amsterdam's modern art museum, the Stedelijk Museum: the company that carries it out went broke.

The company Midreth has already ceased to pay salaries since the end of January, due to which all building activity at the Stedelijk Museum site at Museumplein square has stopped.

The Stedelijk Musuem has been closed since 2004. The re-opening of the museum has already been postponed several times, and is currently planned for the end of 2011.

The bankruptcy of Midreth may mean further delay. There are talks going on with another building company that may take over the renovation.

The Stedelijk Museum has run several exhibitions in the old part of the museum, which is located at Museumplein square. Starting March 3, there will be another exhibition in the 'Temporary Stedelijk'.