Amsterdam Dance Event (photo Johan Vivie)

News of: Saturday, October 17 2015,

Woman probably died of use of drugs on Amsterdam Dance Event party

A 33-year old woman from the town of Zwolle has died yesterday, probably after using drugs on an Amsterdam Dance Event party.

The woman is said to have used several kinds of drugs, and died in her sleep in her accommodation in Amsterdam. She had bought the drugs in Zwolle, where she lived.

The mayor of Amsterdam, Mr Van der Laan, said yesterday that somebody had died in connection with using drugs on an ADE event. According to him, this means a severe blow for the ADE organization.

In 2014, 3 ADE visitors died after having used drugs on ADE parties. The general policy of the ADE organization is to be open on drugs usage, and spread as much information as possible about how to use drugs safely and legally. Use of drugs (i.a. XTC, speed, cocaine) is very common in the dance scene. There are reports saying that 75% of the party visitors use some kind of drugs.

Amsterdam Dance Event is a dance festival held every year in October in Amsterdam. It is the biggest such event in the world, attracting some 350,000 visitors.

Amsterdam Dance Event (photo Johan Vivie)

Amsterdam Dance Event (photo Johan Vivie)