Wheel clamp

News of: Friday, June 26 2015,

Wheel clamp re-introduced in Amsterdam

The wheel clamp is going to be introduced again in Amsterdam, after an absence of 7 years. At the end of 2008, the 'last wheel clamp' was officially handed over to the Police Museum.

As of January 2009, wheel clamps were no longer used in Amsterdam. False parking was not such a big problem any more (due to effective enforcement).
Moreover, foreign cars could be fined too. It was thought that fines given to EU citizens could effectively be collected because of agreements about data exchange between neighbouring countries.

In reality, however, only 2 percent of the 60,000 parking fines issued to foreign car owners get paid. Amsterdam turns out not to be able to collect the fines in the neighbouring countries. Agreements about data exchange were never made with Great Britain, Belgium and France.

Apparently, it is widely known amongst tourists that parking a foreign car is almost without risk in Amsterdam, as tourists are said to park without paying on purpose.

Gone are these happy days. Particularly tourists who sleep in their car should watch out - spending the night in your vehicle is illegal as well.

Wheel clamps are not only expensive, but also a major nuisance. If your car has a wheel clamp, you'll have to go to a parking office, pay the fine, and only then will the clamp be removed.

Wheel clamp

Wheel clamp