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News of: Wednesday, July 01 2015,

Amsterdam AirBnB made publicly available as 'open source'

Under the title 'Inside AirBnB', Murray Cox has published a website that shows all AirBnB locations in Amsterdam (and other cities).
It shows that 80% of AirBnB listings are entire apartments or houses, the rest is shared with the owner.

Inside Airbnb is an independent, non-commercial set of tools and data that allows you to explore how Airbnb is really being used in cities around the world.

The map of Amsterdam is here.

The map contains not only the location, but each dot on the map can also be clicked through to the AirBnB ad. Furthermore, the site gives information about estimated revenue, occupancy rate, estimated income per month, and various other details.

One of the biggest issues with Airbnb is whether hosts are renting out residential properties permanently as hotels, as opposed to sharing the primary residence in which they live 'occasionally'. This data can be found on the site.

All the data on the website are made with 'Open Source' tools (in short: software that is available for free, made by volunteers).
All the data that are published on the site have in turn been made available under an Open Source license, so anyone can use it for free. Data can be downloaded from the site.

The purpose of the site is to support a public discussion of the impact of AirBnB on neighbourhoods. Affected areas are particularly popular tourist destinations such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York, Paris, London, etc.

In most of this cities, turning houses into hotels by listing them on websites like AirBnB is partly or entirely illegal (depending on details).
In Amsterdam, AirBnB rentals can be legal, provided they are not rented out for more than 2 months a year, tourist and income tax are paid and no more than 4 persons are allowed.

Screenshot of Inside AirBnB - click <a href=here for website.'/>

Screenshot of Inside AirBnB - click here for website.