News of: Monday, July 12 2010,

Victory tour in Amsterdam for Dutch soccer team to happen after all

The City of Amsterdam has just announced that the victory tour for the Dutch soccer team will take place after all.

In contradiction with previous announcements, the city wants to honour the Dutch team with reaching second place in the World Championship by giving them a tour through the canals of Amsterdam.
More people will get an opportunity to see the Dutch team this way, and the city says it is also safer to disperse the crowds.

The route that has been scheduled for Tuesday runs as indicated on this map.

The tour starts around 2.30pm (at the Navy compound), and ends around 4.45pm at Museumplein square. From 5pm to 5.45pm the soccer players will be honoured on Museumplein itself.

Although Holland did not win, the city still expects a million people in Amsterdam.