News of: Sunday, July 11 2010,

Holland loses World Cup final - no party in Amsterdam

For the third time, Holland lost the World Cup final. Spain has become World Champion, for the first time.

After losing from Germany in 1974, from Argentina in 1978, Holland today lost from Spain, with 1-0.

The match had to be extended to lead to this result. It was exciting to the end. In extra time, in the 116th minute - just 4 minutes before the end, Andres Iniesta scored the only goal in the match, for Spain.

The Dutch fans are completely disillusioned. A few hundred thousand people are mostly silently making their way home in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam police report that 180,000 people watched the match on Museumplein, far more than expected.

The victory tour through Amsterdam, that was scheduled for Tuesday, will not happen. The Dutch team will only get a festive celebration on Museumplein square on that day.