News of: Thursday, May 31 2007,

Train tickets for 2 Euro on route Amsterdam - Utrecht - Den Bosch

On Saturday and Sunday June 2 and 3, a return train ticket between Amsterdam and Den Bosch will cost only 2 Euro (normally E 23,-)

The reason is that work is carried out on the road A2 (one of the main motorways in Holland, connecting Amsterdam with Maastricht), because of which traffic problems are expected. To promote that people take the train instead, the government finances the cheap tickets.

Along the route are 2 old towns worth visiting: Den Bosch (also called 's Hertogenbosch) and Utrecht. The train stations are on short walking distance from the old town centres.
There are about 4-6 trains per hour, from early morning till midnight.
The cheap tickets (only second class) can be bought at the ticket machines in the station (under button 'Acties/Evenementen').
Train schedules are on the Dutch Railways website.

Den Bosch is an old town, 1 hour by train away from Amsterdam. Apart from the old town itself, it has various attractions:
- Sint Jans Kathedraal (large medieval cathedral in gothic style, the most well-known building of Den Bosch)
- Binnendieze (the inner town river that crisscrosses Den Bosch, very different from the canals in Amsterdam
- Noordbrabants Museum
The tourist office in Den Bosch is located at Markt 77.

Utrecht is an old city as well, 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam. The old centre has canals, much like Amsterdam, and many shops, cafes and restaurants.
The highlights of Utrecht can be found on (click on 'Cityguide', then 'Highlights').