News of: Friday, December 17 2010,

Traffic chaos in the Netherlands because of snowfall

Traffic is severely disrupted in the Netherlands, because of the heavy snowfall.

The train services are also experiencing severe problems. The NS railway website says that train services are disrupted throughout the country.

The situation on the roads in the west of the country is chaotic.

Buses in Amsterdam have stopped going. Trams and metros in Amsterdam try to keep up the normal service.

Schiphol Airport reports that there can be cancellations and delays because of the weather.

Update 4.30pm:
The situation is still getting worse. Authorities ask people to stay home if they do not need to travel.
About 100 flights from Schiphol have been cancelled.
Traffic around Amsterdam and Utrecht is almost completely stuck; there are reports of people who have been in traffic jams for hours.
Trains are having serious delays, though the trains are still going. The NS Railways website is almost unreachable because of the large number of information requests.

Update 7pm:
Fifteen hundred camp beds will be placed on Schiphol Airport for stranded passengers. Most European flights that were scheduled for this evening have been cancelled.
Car traffic around Amsterdam is still stuck.
There are still less trains than normal to and from Amsterdam Central Station.