News of: Saturday, December 18 2010,

Three thousand travellers stranded on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Three thousand stranded travellers spent the night on Amsterdam's airport last night.

About 1,700 camp beds were placed, because about 1,000 to 1,500 people were expected to make us of it. The people who couldn't have a camp bed slept on chairs and couches on the airport.

Flights are gradually being resumed today, but travellers have to expect delays, and more cancellations.

Train services have resumed partially, the railways say they employ about half the normal capacity. Travellers have to expect delays and cancelled trains.

Public transport within Amsterdam has resumed, but diversions and delays are possible. Yesterday it was decided to take the buses off the road, but today the weather has improved.

Traffic jams did not dissolve untill late in the evening, yesterday. The last traffic jam (near Utrecht) dissolved around 1.30 am. Authorities advise not to drive unless necessary. On Saturday no serious traffic congestion has been reported.

Update midnight Saturday to Sunday:
About a 1,000 people will again spend the night on the airport because they stranded. Many flights leaving from Schiphol have been cancelled, also because of snow problems on other airport in Europe.
More snow is expected to fall this night over Amsterdam and surroundings, and there are reports of slippery roads.
Trains will serve all stations tomorrow, but with less capacity, so delays and full trains should be expected.