News of: Wednesday, January 06 2010,

Traffic around Amsterdam comes to stand-still

Traffic around Amsterdam has been stuck for hours, after heavy snowfall this afternoon.

The snowfall started in the late afternoon, just before the evening rush. Traffic jams soon built, and after a while the entire ring round A10 around Amsterdam, plus several highways around Amsterdam were completely stuck.

Even in the late evening, there are still large traffic jams, also around Schiphol Airport and the town of Haarlem.

Because of the traffic congestion, the snow can not be removed from the roads, as snow movers also get stuck in traffic.

Authorities advice not to drive around Amsterdam.

Trains appear to be running, but there can be less trains than normal, and there can be delays.
The Dutch Railways announced that on Thursday January 7 and Friday January 8, all train passengers get a 40% discount between 9am and 4pm, and after 7pm.

Schiphol Airport is also struggling with the snow. There can be flight cancellations and delays.