News of: Sunday, December 20 2009,

Traffic and public transport problems in Holland because of winter weather

Bad weather has caused continued problems with traffic in the Netherlands.

The weather office has issued an official weather warning. People are advised not to go on the roads, because of slippery conditions. There can be snow, hail and/or rain showers. Combined with the frozen ground, this can cause dangerous situations.

Public transport has also been hit by the weather. Throughout the country, train services were brought back to a minimum, or cancelled completely. International trains are also affected.
Several bus companies in the country have stopped their operations for the day.
There can be serious train delays to and from Schiphol Airport.

On Schiphol Airport there are serious flight delays, and several flights have been cancelled.

Public transport within Amsterdam has not experienced many problems, despite the fact that the entire city is covered in a layer of snow.
Trams, buses and metros in Amsterdam have run their normal services the entire day.

The problems with car traffic and public transport may last through Monday as well. The weather forecast predicts continued temperatures around freezing, and rain and snow showers, thus continued risk of slippery roads, for the rest of the week.