National Monument on Dam Square

News of: Sunday, May 03 2009,

Queen Beatrix to visit Amsterdam on May 4 and 5, despite attack in Apeldoorn

The traditional activities on May 4 and May 5 in Amsterdam will take place as planned, with slight changes only. The Queen will be present in Amsterdam, to attend both the commemoration on May 4 and the concert on May 5, despite the attack against the Royal Family, last Thursday (Queensday).

May 4 is Commemoration Day in the Netherlands, the day on which the victims of World War II are commemorated.

Every year on May 4, there is a solemn ceremony on Dam Square. From 8pm to 8.02pm, two minutes of silence are observed, in Amsterdam but also in the rest of the country. Traffic, including public transport, comes to a standstill (at least it is supposed to) and the music in cafes and clubs is shut down.
Just before the 2 minutes of silence, the Queen lays a flower wreath at the National Monument on Dam Square. After the silence, there are several speeches, followed by a number of other wreathes being laid by all kinds of organizations.
The street lights on Dam Square and several other locations in Amsterdam will burn during the 2 minutes of silence, to remind people of the 2 minutes of silence.

Starting 6.15pm, there is a silent walk from Museumplein to Dam Square. If you would like to join this: it starts in front of the American Consulate on Museumplein.

Normally, a crowd of tens of thousands of people watch the events on Dam Square on May 4, and this year many more are expected because of the attack on the Royal Family in Apeldoorn, last Thursday.
There will be 2 large tv screens, so that everyone can follow the event.

May 5 is Liberation Day. On May 5, 1945, the Germans officially surrendered, ending the war for the Netherlands. On this day there are several parties throughout the Netherlands.
In Amsterdam, the closing event on May 5 is the traditional out door concert on the river Amstel, in front of the Carré theater.

The concert is given from a stage that floats in the river. The Queen also attends. The concert is from 9pm to 10pm, and if you like to see something, it is advisable to be there early.
Traditionally, after the concert the Queen will leave by boat, accompanied by the music of Very Lynn's famous song 'We'll Meet Again'.

After the events in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam has gone through all security measures, but it says that there will not be many changes.

National Monument on Dam Square

National Monument on Dam Square