Royal Palace Amsterdam

News of: Monday, May 11 2009,

Queen Beatrix to re-open Royal Palace on Amsterdam Dam Square

What had already been rumoured is true: Queen Beatrix will open the Royal Palace on Dam Square, on June 13. One day later the Palace will be open to the public again.

The Royal Palace on Dam Square, in the centre of Amsterdam, has undergone an extensive renovation, lasting 3.5 years.
The palace's interior has been partially restored, and brought up-to-date, and asbestos from previous renovations has been removed.

The Palace was built in 1648, as the city hall of Amsterdam.
Louis Bonaparte, brother of the French Emperor Napoleon, had become King of Holland in 1806, and he took the city hall on Dam Square as his Royal Palace in 1808.

Nowadays, the Queen uses the palace for official receptions and for state visits. She does not live there, she lives in a palace in The Hague.
During the summertime the palace is open for the public (if it is not used for official occasions).
One of these official occasions will be the balcony scene, at which Queen Beatrix, after giving up the throne, presents her son, Prince Willem-Alexander, as the new king. Exactly when this is going to be is the topic of a lot of speculation, and so far, remains a mystery.

The Palace will be open to the public again on June 14. At this time, the exact opening hours are unknown.

Royal Palace Amsterdam

Royal Palace Amsterdam