Restaurants around Leidseplein

News of: Monday, August 10 2015,

'Proppers' illegal in Amsterdam

Newspaper 'De Telegraaf' ( reports that so-called 'proppers' are becoming a real nuisance in Amsterdam.

'Proppers' are hired by restaurants to try to lure customers into their restaurants, by talking to them or handing out brochures or discount vouchers. This happens sometimes in a rather unpleasant, even aggressive way.

In Amsterdam this has been made illegal, with a fine of E 140,-.

Once a restaurant starts with a promotor, the neighbouring restaurant is tempted to follow the example. It is therefore particularly popular in the narrou streets around Leidseplein, where there are dozens of restaurants.

Promoting a business in this way is not only illegal for restaurants, but also for other shops and enterprises, like canal tour organizers or brothels and sex shows.

Restaurants around Leidseplein

Restaurants around Leidseplein