Esmeralda (picture courtesy Wikipedia)

News of: Wednesday, August 12 2015,

Controversy around 'torture ship' Esmeralda on Sail Amsterdam

Controversy has come up around the participation of the Chilean ship 'Esmeralda' in the nautical event Sail Amsterdam 2015.

Sail 2015 is held every 5 years in the harbours of Amsterdam, and this year it is held from August 19 to 23. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors.

This time, the ship Esmeralda will be one of the tall ships along the quays of Amsterdam. The ship is said to be used for torturing opponents of Pinochet, during his coup d'etat in Chile in 1973.

The Esmeralda is one of the biggest ships visiting Sail Amsterdam 2015, and therefore one of the highlights of the event.

Chilean action groups now protest against the Esmeralda being present in Amsterdam, without any inforamtion being given about its dark history. This information is available on Wikipedia.

Dutch politicians have been invited for a festive get-together on the Esmeralda. The affair has led to debate whether this is appropriate.

Esmeralda (picture courtesy Wikipedia)

Esmeralda (picture courtesy Wikipedia)

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