News of: Wednesday, March 02 2016,

Passport photo required for Museumkaart

Starting Monday March 7, 2016, buyers of a Museumkaart need to have a passport photo - at least, within a month.

The Museumkaart gives free access to about 400 museums in the Netherlands. It is valid for a year and costs some E 60,-, so it is very popular. Museums charge sometimes E 15 or more per person, so you can break even with 4 museum visits.
It makes the card also interesting for tourists who visit for just a few days.

The card is also popular because it does not have a photo of the owner. It is therefore easy (although not allowed) to share the card with someone else.
This sharing apparently happened too often. The Museumkaart issuer has even seen Airbnb ads with Museumkaart included in the stay.

Starting Monday, this comes to an end.
However, you do not need to produce a photo when you buy a Museumkaart at one of the museums. Buyers get a temporary card, which is valid immediately. Within a month, this card must be upgraded with a passport photo, in order to remain valid.

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