Open-air Prinsengracht concert

News of: Thursday, December 03 2009,

No more Canal Festival in Amsterdam

The famous Canal Festival is no more. Due to lack of funds, the festival ceases to exist.

The world famous Canal Festival, the most well-known part of which is the open-air Prinsengracht Concert, will not be organized in 2010.

The organization has said that the most important sponsors have withdrawn, probably due to the economic crisis. It has announced that there will be no canal festival in 2010.

The festival has had 12 editions. It started with the Prinsengracht concert, in front of the Pulitzer hotel. The concert was a classical music performance, on a float in the canal, in the evening. With the lighting on the canal houses lining the canal, there was always a special, romantic atmosphere, which always was the most popular part of the festival.

Over the years the festival had grown into a series of concerts on various locations, lasting a week.

Open-air Prinsengracht concert

Open-air Prinsengracht concert