News of: Thursday, February 25 2010,

New painting discovered by Vincent van Gogh

In Museum de Fundatie (in the town of Zwolle) a new painting by Van Gogh has been discovered.

The painting 'De molen ‘Le blute-fin’ (The ‘Le Blute-fin’ Mill) was purchased by the founder of the museum, Dirk Hannema, in the mid-seventies. Recent research by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has demonstrated that the painting can be attributed to Van Gogh.

In 1975, Dirk Hannema – a former director of the Museum Boymans in Rotterdam and himself an art collector – bought a painting of a mill scene from Hein Art Dealers in Paris. On the basis of his knowledge and intuition, he attributed the painting to Vincent van Gogh and dated it as made in 1886. However, due to Hannema’s dubious reputation in the field of attribution, this work did not receive much attention (he once attributed a painting to Vermeer, that was really a forgery).
He had bought the Van Gogh for a few thousand guilders.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has confirmed the work has 'beyond doubt' been made by Vincent van Gogh. The museum spent 2 years on the research.

The painting will be on display in Museum de Fundatie, in Zwolle, until July 4, together with a few other Van Gogh's from the same period.