OV chip card

News of: Wednesday, August 26 2009,

Metro Amsterdam accepts only OV chip card

Starting tomorrow August 27, the OV chip card will be the only way to access the metro lines in Amsterdam.

The OV chip card is an electronic card that can be bought at the GVB ticket office in front of the Central Station, but also on the metro stations.

The card replaces the old 'strippenkaart'.

The OV chip card can be used on all public transport in Amsterdam (but not the trains, so not to and from the airport).
The strippenkaart remains valid on all buses and trams, for the time being.

Easy-to-use disposable chip cards can also be bought on buses and trams in Amsterdam, but it is cheaper to buy at the GVB ticket office.

Starting tomorrow, there will be extra staff available on metro stations in Amsterdam, to guide metro travellers.

To use the OV chip card, you simply hold it before the card reader when you enter the bus/tram/metro. (This means you 'check in').

When you end your trip, you should always check out (= hold your card against the reader).
If you change from one bus/tram/metro to another, you must check out in the vehicle you leave, and check in again when you enter the next bus/tram/metro. If you forget this, it may cost you extra, depending on the type of card you have.

GVB, the Amsterdam public transport company, has info in English

More info on the (current) strippenkaart system.
More info on the new OV-chipkaart.

OV chip card

OV chip card