When Kings Day was still Queens Day

News of: Monday, April 27 2015,

Kingsday 2015: free parking for cars in Amsterdam

Parking your car in the streets of Amsterdam is free today (April 27). There are limitations though.

Cars will not be able to reach the city centre. As usual on King's Day, the inner city will be far too busy to allow cars. The P+R carparks will also not be free, but parking your car in the streets is free.

Public transport will also be affected.

So far, no incidents have been reported by the police. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected in Amsterdam.

Since 2013, The Netherlands have a King (Willem-Alexander), so they celebrate Kings Day, instead of Queens Day. This is celebrated on April 27 (HRH's birthday), instead of April 30, which used to be Queen Juliana's birthday.
Otherwise, it is business as usual: the theme colour is orange, and you will see partying people all over (mainly) the city center. On Kings Day everyone can sell basically anything out on the streets, without a license. Traditionally, people sell old stuff they need to get rid off, like old books, clothes, toys, furniture, etc. etc.

When Kings Day was still Queens Day

When Kings Day was still Queens Day