Keukenhof Flower Exhibition

Keukenhof Flower Exhibition

The Keukenhof (named after the castle that is located just outside the Keukenhof grounds) is one of the major tourist attractions near Amsterdam.

It is the main flower exhibition in the Netherlands, the largest in the world, which opens every year for a few months in the spring, and attracts close to a million of visitors every year.
On the Keukenhof grounds you can see all kinds of (bulb) flowers blossoming in many colours.

Visiting the Keukenhof is a day trip from Amsterdam. The garden is quite large, and on it are various pavillions, and also a windmill (which can not be visited).

Most tour organizers will include the Keukenhof in their list of trips, but you can also venture there on your own account. You can get there by public transport (although not very easily), information about that is on the Keukenhof website.

There is free WiFi throughout the park.

Stationsweg 166, Lisse

Opening hours:
Open during the spring months March, April and May, see the website for the exact dates (dates vary every year).
At the entrance or online.

Location of Keukenhof Flower Exhibition Full screen map
Keukenhof Flower garden

Keukenhof Flower garden

Daffodil on Keukenhof

Daffodil on Keukenhof

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