News of: Wednesday, September 09 2009,

Job swapping between Amsterdam and New York

During 2 weeks, a group of Amsterdammers and New Yorkers will take over each other's jobs.

The exchange takes place in the framework of the celebration of the 400 year relations between Amsterdam and New York.
Twelve Amsterdammers will go to New York for a week, and later twelve New Yorkers will work in Amsterdam in return. Amongst them are a bar man, a midwife, a fire fighter, a library worker, an architect, a public prosecutor and a food bank worker.

It was 400 years ago that Mr Hudson arrived at the peninsula that is now Manhattan, New York. He was commissioned by the Dutch trading company VOC, and his purpose was to find a way to East Asia.
On Manhattan, where Hudson first landed, the Dutch later settled the new colony 'Nieuw Amsterdam', which was later sold to the British, and became New York.
To date, there are still numerous traces to be found in New York that refer to the Dutch heritage of the city.
At the moment, Crown Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Princess Máxima are visiting New York for the celebration.

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