Magic mushrooms

News of: Monday, April 07 2014,

Italian tourist jumps before bus after use of 'magic mushrooms'

A 21-year old Italian man jumped before a bus in the centre of Amsterdam (at Rokin) last week.

He died after the bus drove over the man. His girlfriend saw the accident happen. The bus driver was very shocked and may get psychological support.

The accident happened in the centre of Amsterdam, at Rokin, between Dam Square and Muntplein.

The impression was that the man had jumped before the bus on purpose.
Police have now confirmed that the tourist had been using 'magic mushrooms'. These are mushrooms that are used as drugs, they can create hallucinations.

In recent years several severe accidents have happened with tourists using the mushrooms. They sometimes jump out of hotel rooms, or from buildings, or become very aggressive.

Magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms