News of: Friday, May 29 2009,

German cycling tourist in Amsterdam dies in traffic accident

Yesterday evening a German tourist (21) was hit by a freight truck, in Amsterdam Old-West.

Around 6.30pm last night, she cycled (in a group of other touristst) on Kinkerstraat, just West of the centre of Amsterdam. The truck went to the right, and overlooked the cycling woman. She was hit and got under the truck.

A trauma helicopter came to provide help, and she was brought to the hospital. She died of her injuries in the hospital.

Renting bicycles is one of the very popular tourist things to do in Amsterdam.
Bicycle stores and the city of Amsterdam try to provide information to the renters about how to ride safely in the busy Amsterdam traffic. Tourist on bikes are often inexeperienced cyclists. Also, as they often ride in groups, their attention is not always with the traffic around them.