News of: Friday, April 02 2010,

Garbage collectors on strike for a week in Amsterdam, starting Queen's Day

Starting Friday, April 30, the garbage collectors in Amsterdam will go on strike for a week.

The work will be laid down for better wages.

The strike will cause major inconvenience, because it starts on Queen's Day. This is one of Amsterdam's biggest street parties. Officially it is to celebrate the Queen's birthday. On this day, everyone is allowed to have a street sale without a license, and there are many festivities in the streets. Queen's Day in Amsterdam attracts about half a million visitors each year.

These visitors leave behind a substantial amount of garbage: the downtown area will be covered with a layer of litter, here and there.

The strike is not completely certain yet, as the city of Amsterdam might decide to take the unions to court about it.

The strikers have announced they will in any case clean the Dam Square area around May 4, which is the national commemoration of the World War II victims.