News of: Monday, December 28 2009,

Free parking in Amsterdam around New Year's Eve

Around December 31 and January 1, 1,300 of the 3,600 parking machines will be closed down.

Officially, you still have to pay, according to a city official. This can be done with a mobile phone. However, since this is not possible for everyone, cars that are parked without payment will not be fined.

Parking machines will be closed in the centre of Amsterdam, and on various parking lots in office areas. The machines are covered, to protect them against firework and vandalism.

The machines will be made operational again after New Year.

The exact dates and times that the machines are taken out of use are not known.
In practice, people wanting to park a car will have to look whether the parking machine that is nearby, is usable or not.

Normally, parking without paying is strictly enforced in Amsterdam, although the wheelclamp is no longer applied.

Similar measures are taken in Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.