News of: Sunday, December 27 2009,

Dutch government thanks passenger who subdued Nigerian bomber

A Dutch passenger from Amsterdam on KLM/Delta flight 253 told CNN that he helped subdue the Nigerian man who tried to blow up the plane, now 2 days ago.

The Dutch passenger, Jasper Schuringa from Amsterdam, told CNN he didn't really think and reacted immediately when he saw smoke coming from the Nigerian man. He jumped over several seats to capture him. Later he was helped by cabin crew to subdue the terrorist.
More details, and the interview with Mr Schuringa are online on CNN.

Vice Prime Minister Wouter Bos has phoned Jasper Schuringa to thank him for his heroic behaviour, on behalf of the Dutch government.

The extra security checks on Schiphol, that apply to all flights going to the US, have not caused many problems or delays, as Schiphol has deployed extra staff. The extra checks were implemented on request of the US.

Yesterday, a flight from Germany to Detroit made an emergency stop on Iceland as a piece of luggage was detected on board that didn't belong to one of the passengers.

Today there was a new incident, again on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, with a Nigerian man. He behaved suspiciously and refused to leave the lavatory, just before landing. The plane was directed to a separate part of the airport in Detroit. It does not seem the man wanted commit an attack.