News of: Tuesday, December 28 2010,

Free parking in Amsterdam around New Year's

Until the end of 2010 and January 1, it is not very likely that you get a ticket for false parking in Amsterdam.

The parking machines will be covered by protective covers, so that paying with cash or debit cards is practically impossible. The covers are placed to protect the machines against (fire work) vandalism.

As long as the protective covers are placed, parking tickets will not be checked, so parking is for free in most (not all) parts of Amsterdam.

Before you park you best check whether the parking machine for your parking place works.

Please note that although the city's parking department does not check for parking tickets, this does not mean you can't get one. The police can also issue parking tickets, or tow away cars that are parked in places where you are not allowed to park at all.

The same measure was taken last year, around New Year's. Using firework is only legal on December 31, but with New Year's eve approaching, children like to play with fireworks anyway.
A lot of of mail boxes have been removed as well, also because of fire work vandalism.

The parking machines will be made operational again after New Year.