Film footage around 1900, Dam Square Amsterdam

News of: Tuesday, October 28 2014,

EYE Filminstituut publishes old movie material about Amsterdam

The EYE Filminstituut has restored some very old movie footage about Amsterdam. The movies are published on YouTube.

The films date from the early 20th century, some as early as 1900.

Beautiful Amsterdam (YouTube)
A promotional film from 1927 about Amsterdam, showing Damrak and Amstel Hotel. The film is probably made because of the Olympic Games that were held in Amsterdam in 1928.

Dam Square around 1900 (YouTube)
Busy traffic on Dam Square. In front of the Royal Palace you can see part of the statue 'Naatje op de Dam', which was removed in 1914.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange around 1900 (YouTube)
The stock exchange that existed near Dam Square, before the current Exchange was built (Beurs van Berlage).

Arrival of Paul Kruger in Amsterdam (YouTube)
Arrival of Paul Kruger, from Transvaal (South Africa)

Ship launching of the 'Koningin Regentes' (YouTube)

Amsterdam fire brigade at work (YouTube)
Amsterdam fire brigade fighting a fire (1930's).

Old people (YouTube)
Also from the 1930's, about the love between 2 elderly persons.

The films have now been digitalized and restored, with the help of crowd funding. They belong to the oldest film footage in possession of the film museum EYE.

Film footage around 1900, Dam Square Amsterdam

Film footage around 1900, Dam Square Amsterdam