News of: Wednesday, March 18 2009,

Cash payment in parking meters no longer possible in center of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has started to replace all 600 parking meters in the centre of Amsterdam, by new ones that no longer accept cash payments.

One of the reasons is the problems with fraud and demolished parking meters (by people trying to get the money out).

The parking meters only accept payment by chip cards, debit cards and credit cards. For tourists this means in practically all cases they will need a credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted).

The parking meters have touch-screens, and they will ask for your licence plate number. The machine prints a proof of payment, but it is no longer needed to place this in your car. Parking attendants have machines with which they can check that you paid, by scanning your licence plate.

The new parking meters will only be placed in the center of Amsterdam.